About Us

  •  Description
    The Social Platform was established in 1995 and brings together more than forty European non-governmental organisations, federations and networks which are working to build an inclusive society.
  •  Membership
    The members of the Social Platform represent thousands of organisations, associations and other voluntary groups at local, regional, national and European level representing the interests of a wide range of civil society.
  •  Values
    Social Platform and its members are committed to the advancement of the principles of equality, solidarity, non discrimination and the promotion and respect of fundamental rights for all
  •  Governance
    Read about how we work, and download our strategic plan...
  •  Work Programme
    Together, our members decide how we work. Read our work programmes for 2007 and previous years.
  •  Annual Reports
    The Annual Report gives details of the Platform’s activities but also about its members and explains how we organise ourselves in order to work together.
  •  The way we are funded
    Social Platform is funded by a grant from the European Commission to support its running costs. Other funding comes from membership fees, from other contributions from members and others.
  •  Team
    The Social Platform Secretariat, overseen by the Director, executes the annual work programme and works to support and inform the members.
  •  Management Committee
    The Management Committee is elected by the General Assembly and provide political leadership, ensure the good running of the Social Platform and oversee the implementation of the annual work programme.