About Us

The members of Social Platform represent thousands of organisations, associations and other voluntary groups at local, regional, national and European level representing the interests of a wide range of civil society. These include organisations of women, older people, people with disabilities, people who are unemployed, people affected by poverty, gays and lesbians, young people, children and families. Member organisations also include those campaigning on issues such as social justice, homelessness, life-long learning, health and reproductive rights and racism. The Social Platform channels the concerns of European citizens who have come together in these organisations throughout the Union on issues of common interest. It also ensures a wide circulation of information on EU activities and policies to its members at the national level.

The members of Social Platform insist that NGOs have a key role to play in promoting an equitable society based on the protection and advancement of human rights and the participation of all. NGOs must become legitimate partners in the public debate on the orientation of European society. It is with this in mind that Social Platform seeks to develop and strengthen a civil dialogue between European NGOs and the institutions of the European Union.

Social Platform is composed of two membership categories: Full members and Associate members.

Full Members
Associate Members