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ESAN - European Social Action Network

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ESAN was created in 1991 by social development and social action organisations in the European Union. It aims to develop co-operation between non-profit organisations working in the social field and to encourage coherent European policies based on the respect of human rights.

The annual General Meeting elects its executive board which meets at least three times a year and is mandated to implement the voted action programme. Working commissions are open to all members. Seminars are held to define and update ESAN's programmes and orientations.
ESAN aims to stimulate coherent social policy based on the respect of human rights in Europe by developing co-operation between organisations working in the social field and by drawing the attention of European institutions to the necesity :
  • of examining the social consequences of global political and economic changes.
  • of analysing in advance the social effects of Community proposals before they acquire administrative or regulative form.
  • of evaluating the needs, in terms of social conditions and quality of life of population groups
  • of associating organisations with a social concern in the formation, implementation and evaluation of social policy they being both sources of expertise on the needs and able to interpret the requirements of those they speak for.


  • Enabling voluntary organisations to learn from each other about areas of common concern.
  • Informing members of social development at European institutions level
  • Lobbying European institutions and giving a voice to the social sector
  • Encouraging real social action co-ordination in Europe
  • Working with other networks and institutional organisations.
  • ESAN members participate actively in the different ESAN programmes and projects


Lilianne Cocozza, Vice-President
rue du Vieux Moulin, 66
B-1160 Bruxelles

Tel./Fax +32 2 566 99 63