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Workability Europe

Workability Europe is a regional group of Workability International.
Workability Europe was the first regional group to be formed by the European members of Workability International. It is the largest employer body representing providers of work and employment services to people with disabilities in Europe. The growing membership provides work programmes for over 800,000 disabled people. Today Workability Europe has 27 member organisations located in 19 countries.
Workability Europe is a recognised European NGO by the European Commission. It is a founding member of the European Disability Forum (EDF) and the European Network of Service Providers in Employment and Rehabilitation (ENSPER) and a member of the Platform of European Social NGOs, Business & Disability European Network and the European Council for Non-Profit Organisations (CEDAG). Workability Europe also works closely with employers, trade unions and other relevant NGOs.
Workability Europe is a not-for-profit association registered in the Netherlands and governed by its Constitution with its own Board of Directors elected at its Annual General Meeting. All members of Workability Europe are members of Workability International. There is an appointed General Secretary and Public Affairs Officer. The Secretariat’s offices are located in Brussels and annual accounts are audited by external auditors.
Workability Europe’s aim is to secure work and paid jobs for people with disabilities within Europe and to be recognized as the European leader in promoting and providing employment and work for people with disabilities.
Workability Europe structures its work and range of activities under four pillars:
  • Pillar I: Business to Business and Corporate Social Responsibility -to facilitate the exchange of experience in business and commercial matters between members.
  • Pillar II: Enlargement - to achieve an active and diverse membership that truly represents organisations providing work activities for people with disabilities throughout Europe.
  • Pillar III: Communications & Networking - to raise our profile and effectiveness by implementing a sustainablerange of internal and external communication and creating networking opportunities.
  • Pillar IV: Routes to Employment & Best Practice - to develop a framework for the development of programmes and/or processes and best practice that lead to the increased employment of disabled people
Bertie Hunt
General Secretary
Workability Europe
Rue d’Egmont 15
1000 Brussels, BELGIUM
Tel: +32 2 500 85 37
Fax: + 32 2 517 65 00