Spring Alliance is revising its Manifesto

The Spring Alliance (Social Platform, the European Environmental Bureau, the European Trade Union Confederation and Concord) will revise and update its Manifesto, in advance of the 2014 European Parliament elections and the appointment of a new European Commission. The two events are linked even more as the Commission President is now to be proposed by the European Council taking into account the outcome of the European Parliament elections, and then elected, or not, by the European Parliament. It is also anticipated that the European political parties will select their candidates for the position of European Commission President in advance of the Parliament election campaign.

The revision of the manifesto takes place in a context which is completely different to 2009, when the Manifesto was drafted: we are in the middle of the most severe Europe-wide political, economic and social crisis. The way in which the crisis has emerged, together with the political response, presents enormous problems for Europe. There is an evident need for a unified, strong and visionary voice from European civil society which brings together social, environmental and developmental values, and makes a powerful case for progressive policies.

The Spring Alliance must ensure that its manifesto responds to the following challenges:

  • Financial crisis puts economic growth in doubt
  • Sovereign debt crisis creates social cuts
  • Weakening of environmental policies slows green transition
  • Europe weakens its commitment to international development
  • Political instability leads to new political movements rising, old parties falling.

The manifesto will be drafted through extensive consultations across civil society, engaging and consulting with the core constituencies of Spring Alliance members, and will be launched in early 2014.