Social Platform meets to revise Spring Alliance Manifesto

Last week we held the second internal meeting to agree on proposals to be included in the revision of Spring Alliance’s Manifesto. Spring Alliance is composed of trade unions (ETUC), environmental NGOs (EEB), development NGOs (CONCORD) and Social Platform.

The first Manifesto was drafted in 2009. We are now in the process of its revision and we aim to launch the new Manifesto at the beginning of 2014.

The Manifesto is visually represented in the form of a flower. It has a core (economy and governance) and five petals: “establish inclusive societies”, “promote quality jobs”, “assume global responsibility”, “preserve and restore ecosystems” and “improve democracy”.

Social Platform is responsible for the petals on inclusive societies and democracy. Last week we discussed some initial proposals for these petals, as well as for the petals on economic governance and employment. 15 people participated in the workshops.

The revision process will go on throughout the whole summer and we aim at having draft proposals for all petals in September.