Policy and action

Through its policy and campaigning work, the Social Platform enables its member organisations to pool ideas and expertise, building their common experience into a positive force for social change in the EU. The Platform acts a vehicle for its member organisations to express their shared values and shape these into a strong voice for the social NGO sector.

The Social Platform's policy work is led primarily by its thematic Working Groups, where members meet to exchange views and ideas, and agree common strategies and positions for the Social Platform. We currently have three main Working Groups, one on Social Policy, one on Fundamental Rights & Non-Discrimination and the other on Social Services of General Interest. One more informal Working Party also meeting regularly: on Employment. Policy and campaigning work on civil dialogue and governance issues is led by the Steering Group, and the Management Committee has an overview of all the Groups. The Social Platform Secretariat coordinates the Groups.

In this section of the website you can find all the position papers and other documents adopted by the Social Platform on a range of issues. While policy and campaigns themes are separated for practical reasons, there are many cross-overs between the different areas of work. There are also common threads which run throughout the Platform's work, such as our approach based on fundamental rights, and gender equality concerns. Our values statement is an expression of the common values and principles on which all our work is based.

  •  Corporate Social Responsibility
  •  Demographic and Social Change
  •  Employment
  •  Equality & Anti-Discrimination
  •  EU Presidencies
  •  Fundamental Rights
  •  Future of Europe
  •  Integration of migrants
  •  Lisbon Strategy for "growth and jobs"
  •  Participatory Democracy & Good Governance
  •  Public Procurement
  •  Services of General Interest & Social and Health Services
  •  Social Protection and Social Inclusion
  •  Sustainable Development