About ENAR


ENAR Board
Sarah Isal, United Kingdom
Email: sarahisalwilliamson[at]gmail.com
1st Vice-Chair:
KISA - Action for equality, support, anti-racism
Email: nicoletta.ch[at]cytanet.com.cy
2nd Vice-Chair:

Jallow Momodou, Sweden

Pan-African Movement for Justice
Email: panafrikamalmo[at]gmail.com

Institut für Migrations- und Rassismusforschung (iMir)
Email: hieronymus[at]imir.de

Members for two years:
Rokhaya Diallo, France

Soulajah for Arts
Contact Rokhaya
Email: rokhaya.diallo@gmail.com

Niels-Erik Hansen, Denmark

Documentation and Advisory Center on Racial Discrimination (DACoRD)
Email: neh[at]drcenter.dk

Julia Kovalenko, Estonia 
Tallinn Centre for Human Rights Information
Email: julia.kovalenko.d[at]gmail.com


Eyachew Tefera, Slovenia

Institute of African Studies
Email: enar.slo@gmail.com

Members for one year:

Greek Forum of Migrants
Email: adlashashati[at]yahoo.com

Valentin Gonzalez, Spain

Movimiento Contra la Intolerancia
Email: valengonmar@gmail.com

Karim Saafi, Belgium

African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE)
Email: karim.saafi@gmail.com

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